Figaro 3 polars
Post by iconPost by Alex Wind | 2020-04-14 | 19:34:32

This message especialy for Cvetan & Toxcct.
Usualy VR take the Figaro 2 for Figaro races.
But since the great escape, the choosen baot by VR is Figaro 3.
Do you think the polars are very different.
Is it possible to update its for Transat AG2R?
Many thanks for all your works
Take care.

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Post by iconPost by GeGaX | 2020-04-14 | 21:44:50
The boat is a Figaro 3 but the polar is that of the Figaro 2

Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2020-04-14 | 22:30:04
Hi there,

Yes, I get a lot of direct messages asking for this.
And as GeGaX answered, so far, the polars are the ones displayed by my Polar App (mono/figaro_2).

It already happened in the past that VR opened a race with the wrong polars/boat, and that they fix it before the race start.
It also already happened many times too that a race in VR doesn't follow the IRL conditions.

So let's wait and see.
Post by iconPost by Alex Wind | 2020-04-15 | 06:27:41
Ok, thank you so much guys.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-04-15 | 09:09:47
Last time they changed the polar data without changing the ID (the upgrade to Figaro 2), but that's not the case now - polars are still same as last time.
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