Post by iconPost by Mcfly BSP | 2017-11-21 | 13:28:13


Pour ceux qui ne se rendent pas ou peu sur le forum de VR:
Un classement SO quotidien sera édité pour cette course. Pour l'intégrer, les règles sont simples:
- Spi et Foc sont nos seules voiles (ni voiles pro, ni foils, ni winch pro, ni polish).
- L'utilisation des cartes est libre et illimitée.

On essaie également de créer un challenge par équipe: 4 bateaux par team et on prend le résultat des 3 meilleurs.

Si vous êtes intéressé, contactez-moi ici ou sur le forum de VR.

A bientôt,



For those who do not go or little on the VR forum:
A daily SO ranking will be published for this race. To integrate it, the rules are simple:
- Spi and Jib are our only sails (no pro sails, no foils, no winch pro, no polish).
- The use of the cards is free and unlimited.

We also try to create a team challenge: 4 boats per team and we take the result of the 3 best.

If you are interested, contact me here or on the VR forum.

See you soon,

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Post by iconPost by JohnT | 2017-11-24 | 09:45:27
Hi Joris,
I'll sign up 'Truffle Hunter' as SO for the RORC: that way I'll know that I sailed a better race than any of the boats I beat on the water.
This game of not knowing whether someone beat you by equipment or strategy & tactics is no fun...
Post by iconPost by Mcfly BSP | 2017-11-24 | 14:25:32
Hi John, I'm adding you to the SO standings. Do you consult the VR forum? I will publish there the ranking every day.
Post by iconPost by JohnT | 2017-11-24 | 21:31:34
Hi Joris,
I look at the VR forum from time to time, but since English is my first language, and my French is very 'rusty' from years of neglect, I spend much more time here. But I will definitely go there for the standings.
Post by iconPost by Old-git | 2017-11-24 | 22:34:25
Hi John,
I know it can be frustrating to navigate the VR forum that's 95% in French, but there is a fair number of skippers who understand English. So don't worry and participate. The challenges are good fun. And I promise I will help you (so will Mcfly I am sure) if you need assistance.
My username on VR is RustyStaub_EZ.

Post by iconPost by lemulot79 | 2017-11-24 | 22:39:59
Hi John,
Do not forget "Google Translate" it works very well for our conversations.
(Le Mulot 79)
Post by iconPost by MadeiraAtlanticPearl | 2017-11-27 | 05:40:10
I would like to join this RORC SO classification, my boat is MadeiraAtlanticPearl.After that where i can see the classification?Thank you
Post by iconPost by Mcfly BSP | 2017-11-27 | 09:48:42

Le classement est disponible chaque jour dans la soirée sur le forum de Virtual Regatta, rubrique "RORC Transatlantic Race", "Classement SO".

Puis, à partir de la page d'accueil des courses, clique sur le nom de ton bateau et rejoins ce yacht club: Ctre Nautique De Lastioulles.

Pour le moment nous sommes 51.

A plus, Joris


The ranking is available every day in the evening on the forum of Virtual Regatta, heading "RORC Transatlantic Race", "Ranking SO".

Then, from the homepage of the races, click on the name of your boat and join this yacht club: Ctre Nautique De Lastioulles.

At the moment we are 51.

See you, Joris
Post by iconPost by Sir_Petrus | 2017-12-01 | 11:33:18
I would like to join this RORC SO classification, my boat is Sir Petrus.After that where i can see the classification?Thank you.
Could you provide me the link to the club house, please. Because it is not acessible from the club house button.

Fair winds

Post by iconPost by nsp | 2017-12-01 | 13:27:54

It is accessible from the club house button, but you have to give permission to your browser to let insecure unauthenticated scripts to load from the site.

If you are using Chrome there is a little shield with a red square with a cross at the right of the URL bar of your browser.

You can click on it and authorize it.

Once there you will see the Classification in a thread Current Race> RORC Transatlantique Race> Classement SO.

Can't link it because my browser defines it as unsafe and doesn't let me see it...

I'm not kidding...

Post by iconPost by Mcfly BSP | 2017-12-02 | 01:58:18
Hi Pedro,

If you can't access the forum of VR, the SO ranking is also available here:

I add your boat with us.

Post by iconPost by Sir_Petrus | 2017-12-02 | 14:39:02
Thank you.
I maange, finaly, to enter the VR forum.

Fair Winds to all from
Pedro ridings waves on Sir Petrus
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