strange distance to finish
Post by iconPost by Muikku | 2018-02-12 | 11:54:44

My (Muikku) distance to the finsh line is 4280 nm and a boat nearby (Tamir rice !) has 3870 nm. There's only about 60 nm between the boats. There's also a diffrence in rank 43k (Muikku) vs 20k (Tamir).

ANhy ideas?

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Post by iconPost by Flying Dutchman | 2018-02-12 | 16:04:44
Very strange indeed. I was sonewhere in 21000 and now 42000.....
Ursus Martimus is almost 400 miles in front of me according ranking while he is actually 2 miles on my port stern
Post by iconPost by Muikku | 2018-02-12 | 16:13:43
There is definitely a disturbance in the force.

Post by iconPost by Muikku | 2018-02-12 | 16:13:43

Post by iconPost by Coolcan | 2018-02-12 | 17:35:50
I notice the same. Captain Jenkins is not even 20 Miles on my (and Big Bird's) starboard. Sailed 6 miles less. But is about 370 miles closer to the finish.. mmmm

Post by iconPost by Muikku | 2018-02-12 | 18:47:57
Maybe the waypoint calculation is not working?

Post by iconPost by Muikku | 2018-02-13 | 05:37:39
A good night, 8 hours at 15 kn and the distance to leader 600 -> 180 nm and rank 47000 -> 18000.
That was fast.
Post by iconPost by Flying Dutchman | 2018-02-13 | 14:50:15
What leader? The one in the east?? They finins two days later at the momnent.
At the moement we are definately the potential winning group I would say:)
Post by iconPost by Muikku | 2018-02-13 | 16:16:20
The leader is in the west north of Papua. They have no chance, since they will be sailing doldrums to the waypoint.

PS my score went from 18k -> to under 10k in a day. Maybe there is a big bunch of boats somewhre or VOR does not recalculate rank very often.
Post by iconPost by GeGaX | 2018-02-13 | 17:21:24
Hi ;)

I do not do the VOR so I can not see your boats, in terms of distances and rankings from what I understand, I could be wrong, but the closer your boat is to the white line (course Great Circle) the higher you are in the standings and close to the finish line so the opposite is also true the further you are from the white line of the course the lower you are in the standings and far from the finish

My question is, are you getting closer to this line of course now or are you moving away from it?
Post by iconPost by Muikku | 2018-02-13 | 19:47:09
I'm getting closer to the line. But maybe there is a big swarm of boats somewhere and I just happened to pass them. It still does not explain why my distance to the leader dropped so much in one night.
Post by iconPost by GeGaX | 2018-02-13 | 20:34:14
New bug VR ;)
Post by iconPost by karriv | 2018-02-14 | 10:38:40
I think this is related to how VR uses interim "invisible" waypoints to calculate DTF. I've seem similar situations that Muikku describes, i.e. the direct distance to a fellow boat is smaller that the DTF difference (which does not make any sense). Then, when you cross an invisible line, your DTF suddenly improves a lot and so does your ranking. I think the best explanation for such symptoms is that your DTF is calculated via a more distant interim waypoint till you cross some line and the used interim waypoint changes -> sudden change in DTF.
Post by iconPost by Muikku | 2018-02-14 | 19:49:28
Sounds like a possible explanation.
Post by iconPost by mcmgj | 2018-02-15 | 18:35:16
Hi All ,
As I put, on forum, some Ranking table for this race, I have in my laptop about 250 boat DTF. I checked this problem these days and the difference was 370 nm for one day, 250 nm for next day, then 170 nm, before all we come back in order.
The VR DTF is not realy good... and on her ranking, they use the DTL ... It's no good too ... I think the best way is to compute ortho distance from boat to finish line.
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