Au moins ici ( sur ce Forum) on peut librement parler Routeurs !
Post by iconPost by OnceRebifera | 2020-03-26 | 21:03:41

Des stats de performances sur ce Forum sur les 5 ou 6 Routeurs disponibles (du gratuit au haut de gamme )
Ps: sur LS tu te déclarais sur l'Honneur dans la catégorie "Sans" ou "Avec" et un classement sélectif était établi!

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Post by iconPost by GeGaX | 2020-03-26 | 22:11:21
Salut OnceRebifera,
Comme tu as pu le remarquer, le forum ici est en anglais. 😉

Post by iconPost by OnceRebifera | 2020-04-01 | 17:35:46
Qui aimerait bien châtirait bien parait il !
One week later ... with a couple of amazing Posts you could use as Guideline are you still in the Dark with my stupid question or this Subject is really a too complex one for you ?

Post by iconPost by OnceRebifera | 2020-03-27 | 12:07:28
I am very sorry ! Will do my best with my old English reminiscence of my Sixth form (60 years ago!)

Anyway thanks a lot helping me in the VR Forum with your accurate infos on WS/Darkboard/ .......among an Armada of well known Trolls) !

But now .... isn't time to advise me about the crucial question you perfectly understood French ?
Post by iconPost by GeGaX | 2020-03-27 | 12:11:26
Je n'ai pas bien compris la question ...

I did not understand fine, the question ...
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-03-27 | 12:43:43
Now everyone can download the 1-month Adrena demo and compare the performance. There is also qtVlm. Also people writing their own routers.

From my experience most top players DO use this site. Some of them also use other tools in parallel. There are people who use Expedition because they have a license for real-world sailing.

On the last VOR about 8 out of 10 leg winners contacted me to say that they wanted to say 'Thanks to zezo' in their interview, but VR/VOR would not let them because it was against the rules.
Post by iconPost by lorenzo | 2020-03-27 | 13:56:17
what is against the rules? Use the router or acknowledge you? Actually both alternative are equally stupid
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-03-27 | 14:02:42
VOR is a commercial entity, and as such does not allow mentioning of organizations which are not sponsors.

Like you can't have a logo of unlicensed company on your real VOR boat. Or like you can't visit Olympic event with Pepsi T-shirt because Coca Cola is general sponsor.

BTW I got my own interview and honorable mention after the race was over, the year Dutch company was running the game for VOR. After they disqualified me for the use of a robot to steer the boat ;-)
Post by iconPost by OnceRebifera | 2020-03-31 | 18:50:01
Thanks so much Zezo for these information/data finally declassified !
Zezo is ....... hum .... an amazing Multi purpose Virtual Navigation Housewife (not so pretty but very efficient and available 24 h a day that every body would like to have home for free !!!!
Post by iconPost by lorenzo | 2020-03-27 | 15:06:19
I am not that sure Cvetan. VR is not the Olympic committee and certainly not the VOR with that money involved. Should be a community (even if paid) and the router is a fundamental part of it, you certainly do not win just because of the router but certainly you do not get even close to top without it. Acknowledging would just be logical. But we learned that the adjective "logical" is not really at home in VR

Anyhow, once again, thanks for the router :-)

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-03-27 | 18:32:12
I was talking about the VOR races which are run under VOR guidance.
VR is a different story, 10-year love/hate relationship, but let's not get into that ;-)
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